Alexandroupoli's Court Building
Serres Court Building
Thessaloniki's Court Building
Ioannina's Court Building
Volos Court Building
Chalkida's Court Building
Chios Court Building
Agrinio's Court Building
Veria's Court Building
Florina's Court Building
Kavala's Court Building
Kalamata's Court Building
Karditsa's Court Building
Kastoria's Court Building
Kerkyra's Court Building
Komotini's Court Building
Korinthos Court Building
Lamia's Court Building
Larissa's Court Building
Livadia's Court Building
Mesologgi's Court Building
Naxos Court Building
Patra's Court Building
Piräus Court Building
Polygyros Court Building
Preveza's Court Building
Samos Court Building
Sparti's Court Building
Tripoli's Court Building
Xanthi's Court Building
District Court Athen
Areios Pagos
Rhodos Court Building
Appellate Court Athens
kalavrita Court Building
Orestiada Court Building
Pyrgos Court Building
Thiva Court Building
Katerini Court Building
Kilkis Court Building
Kozani Court Building
Edessa Court Building
Giannitsa Court Building
Kos Court Building

Court Buildings

The Law Office Theodora Chatzipantelidou – Dimitraka gives you information about the address and telephone numbers of Greek court buildings, appellate courts and district courts. Here you can also find photos of court buildings.

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Areios PagosAreopag
Dikastiko Megaro Efeteio AtAppellate Court Athens
Dikastiria AthinonDistrict Court Athens
Dikastirio PeiraiaAppellate Court Piraeus
Dikastirio PeiraiaDistrict Court Piraeus
Efeteio LamiasAppellate Court Lamia
Protodikio AmfissasmDistrict Court Amfissa
Dikastirio KarpenisiDistrict Court Evritania - Karpenisi
Dikastiko Megaro LamiasDistrict Court Lamia
Dikastiko Megaro LivadiasDistrict Court Livadia
Dikastiko Megaro ThessalonikiAppellate Court Thessaloniki
Dikastiko Megaro PolugyroyDistrict Court Chalkidiki - Polygyros
Dikastiria Edessa 300District Court Edessa
Dikastirio Giannitson 2District Court Giannitsa
Dikastiria KateriniDistrict Court Katerini
Dikastiria KilkisDistrict Court Kilkis
Dikastiko Megaro SerronDistrict Court Serres
Dikastiko Megaro ThessalonikiDistrict Court Thessaloniki
Dikastirio VeriasDistrict Court Veria
Dikastirio KerkyrasAppellate Court Corfu
Dikastirio KerkyrasDistrict Court Corfu
Dikasthria ThesprotiasDistrict Court Thesprotia - Igoumenitsa
Dikasthria KomotinisAppellate Court Rodopi - Komotini
Dikastiko Megaro AleksandroupolisDistrict Court Alexandroupoli
Dikastiria DramasDistrict Court Drama
Dikastiko Megaro KavalasDistrict Court Kavala
Dikastirio Orestiadas2District Court Orestiada
Dikasthria KomotinisDistrict Court Rodopi - Komotini
Dikastiria XanthiDistrict Court Xanthi
Dikastiko Megaro IoanninaAppellate Court Ioannina
Dikastirio ArtasDistrict Court Arta
Dikastiko Megaro IoanninaDistrict Court Ioannina
Dikastiko Megaro PrevezasDistrict Court Preveza
Dikastiko Megaro RodouAppellate Court Dodekanissa - Rhodos
Dikastirio KosDistrict Court Kos
Dikastiko Megaro RodouDistrict Court Rhodos
Dikastiria SyrosAppellate Court Aegean - Siros
Dikastiko Naksos ProtodikioDistrict Court Naxos
Dikastirio SamouDistrict Court Samos
Dikastiria SyrosDistrict Court Siros
Dikasthria ChaniaAppellate Kritis - Chania
Dikasthria ChaniaDistrict Court Chania
Dikastiria RethymnoDistrict Court Rethimno
Dikastirio KozanisAppellate Court West - Makedonia - Kozani
Dikastiko Megaro FlorinasDistrict Court Florina
Dikastiko Megaro GrevenonDistrict Court Grevena
Dikastiria KastoriasDistrict Court Kastoria
Dikastirio KozanisDistrict Court Kozani
Dikastiko Megaro LarisasAppellate Court Larissa
Dikasthria KarditsasDistrict Court Karditsa
Dikastirio LarissasDistrict Court Larissa
Dikastiko Megaro TrikalaDistrict Court Trikala
Photo131District Court Volos
Dikastiria NayplioAppellate Court Nafplio
Dikastiria KorinthouDistrict Court Korinthos
Dikastiria NayplioDistrict Court Nafplio
Dikastiko Megaro SpartisDistrict Court Sparti
Dikastiko Megaro TripolisDistrict Court Tripoli
Dikastiko Megaro KalamatasAppellate Court Kalamata
Dikastirio Gythio ProtodDistrict Court Gythio
Dikastiko Megaro KalamatasDistrict Court Kalamata
KyparisiaDistrict Court Kyparissia
Dikastirio ThivasDistrict Court Thiva
Dikastiko Megaro PatrasAppellate Court Patra
Dikastiko Megaro Aigiou ProDistrict Court Aegean
Dikasthria AmaliadasDistrict Court Amaliada
Dikastiria KalabritonDistrict Court Kalavrita
Dikasthria KefaliniasDistrict Court Kephalenia
Dikasthria PatrasDistrict Court Patra
Dikastirio PyrgosDistrict Court Pyrgos
Dikastirio ZakinthouDistrict Court Zakynthos
Dikastiko Megaro AgriniouAppellate Court Central Greece - Agrinio
Dikastiko Megaro AgriniouDistrict Court Agrinio
Dikastiria LeykadasDistrict Court Lefkada
Dikasthria MesologiDistrict Court Mesologgi
Dikastiria MitilinisAppellate Court North- Aegean - Mitilini
Dikastiria MitilinisDistrict Court Lesbos
Dikastirio ChiosDistrict Court Chios
Dikastiria HrakleiouAppellate Court East Kritis - Iraklio
Dikastiria HrakleiouDistrict Court Iraklio
Dikastriria LasithiDistrict Court Lasithi
Dikastiko Megaro ChalkidasAppellate Court Euboia - Chalkida
Dikastiko Megaro ChalkidasDistrict Court Chalkida

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