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Our office is located in Thessaloniki / Greece and provides its Greek and foreign clients legal services with professionalism and dedication in the fields of civil law, penal law, tax law, intellectual property, real estate. We are willing and capable to cover your legal needs, to protect and defend your rights, to solve your legal disputes in the most advantageous way.



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We take charge of all cases concerning purchase, sale and use of land, agricultural land, apartments, business estate, including without limitation the drafting of contractor agreements, real estate sale/purchase contracts, rental contracts and cases of order for restitution of use (evictions) or claim of lease charges that are due.

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With many years of experience in real estate and property law, we take charge of the inquiry regarding your assets in the National Cadastre, by carrying out all required procedures for registration or amendment of the existing registration of your property, either taking administrative action (amendment of evident error) or legal action (procedure before the cadastral judge).

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We are active in the entire field of Civil Law, including cases of drafting of any type of contracts, claim of receivables by any contract, e.g. loan contracts, works contracts, mandate contracts etc., real law cases: possession and real actions due to real estate encroachment. Being significantly experienced in handling family cases, we approach diligently and deal prudently with divorce cases, minor children custody and support, definition of parent-child communication schedule and cases for alimony during separation and after divorce.

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We have the expertise to assume cases of economic crime by the Penal Code and the Special Penal Laws, e.g. tax evasion, social security contribution evasion, debts towards the State, issue of fake or false invoices and other tax elements, illicit market, stock exchange frauds, economic frauds, bribery, issue of bounced cheque. Thanks to our remarkable experience and qualified punctuality and professionalism, we make the best out of all defending allegation and provide full and dynamic defensive support from the preliminary proceedings (preliminary hearing, summary investigation, ordinary investigation) up to all the phases of the main procedure before the Criminal Court and the Supreme Court.

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Our large and precious experience in criminal law allows us to take charge of all criminal cases and render integrated and reliable defense in any case of crime, offence, misdemeanor or felony as predicted and punished either by the Penal Code, like crimes against life and physical integrity, crimes against property and property rights, crimes against honor, crimes related to currency and memorandums, or by Special Penal Law, like in cases of infringement of Law on Drugs, Law on Weapons, Law on Foreigners.

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We accomplish reliably and responsibly each separate phase of the procedure for inheritance acceptance, from the inheritance tax declaration to the transcription of the respective notarial deed. In addition, we guarantee protection of your inheritance rights versus your eventual co-heirs and any third party. Furthermore, we issue the Certificate of Inheritance and take charge of any case of infringement of your inheritance right.

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It is allowed to appear in trial without a lawyer before the Justice of Peace provided that the subject matter of dispute does not exceed the amount of 5.000 euro.  
The action refers to the civil Courts and you can claim all your rights and claims against third parties, either in financial content (e.g. loan contract claims, leasing contract claims, child support claims), or in non-financial content (e.g. definition of custody for minor child, inheritance rights). The (law)suit requests the punishment of the defendant for having committed offences against you and the intended result is not your indemnification or any type of rehabilitation but the conviction of the offender to deprivation of personal freedom or pecuniary penalty or fine.
You can file a (law)suit before the Police Department or before the Prosecuting Attorney of First Instance Courts.  
The penalty of deprivation of personal freedom up to one (1) year can be converted to pecuniary penalty or fine and be paid. The penalties of deprivation of personal freedom that exceed the one year and up to two (2) or/and five (5) years may be converted to pecuniary penalties and paid, at the discretion of the Court.
Your lawyer is entitled to represent you before all criminal Courts in Greece, without limitations. Your lawyer may also represent you before the civil and administrative Courts in the Greek Territory, provided that he/she is appointed to the Court of your pending case. This means that, if your case is pending before the Court of Appeal, your lawyer should be appointed in this Court, while if your case is pending before the Supreme Court, he/she must be appointed to the Supreme Court.
If you are the document's recipient, you have no reason to refuse the delivery. However, the receipt does not mean acceptance of its content. In any case, you have the right to receive the document by mentioning next to your signature the phrase “all rights reserved” ή “without prejudice to”. 

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Law Office - Profile

The Law office Theodora Chatzipantelidou Dimitraka was established in 1974.

In 1997 Theodora Chatzipantelidou Dimitraka assumed control of the office and since then has been its managing partner. She studied law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she also completed her postgraduate studies in the field of Penal and Criminological Sciences.

Since her promotion to the Court of Appeal in 2001 and to the Supreme Court in 2005, she undertakes cases under all degrees of jurisdiction and hears appeals before the Supreme Court. She also provides legal consultation for a wide range of law firms.

Having as its main purpose the quick and efficient processing of its cases, the Law office “Theodora Chatzipantelidou Dimitraka and partners” is fully computerized and technologically supported.

Furthermore, it has a library with direct access to the latest legislation and jurisprudence. In cooperation with other lawyers in most cities of Greece, Germany and many other countries, it undertakes cases that are processed in both Greece and internationally.

Additionally, the Law office collaborates with other specialist professionals such as notaries, judicial commissaries, civil engineers, topographers, accountants and tax consultants.

The office’s communication languages are Greek, English and German.






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